Concept Provence is an elegant collection dedicated to the benefits of body and mind. The brand proposes an art of living in the Southern France - way entirely:  through its fragrances, scents and admiring the quality of its fauna and flora.

The collection is aimed to the modern people in research of a daily getaway and offers a beautiful escape every day!

Adopting the traditional products of the range means access to all the generosity of the Provençal nature ...


An ode to the meaning of "slow living" and the beautiful share of forgotten values: take a time, savor the moment, exchange,  recharge.


Imagined by the couple Renata and Jean-Paul Negroni, the story of Concept Provence has been sketched in Prague in 2014. She is Russian, he is a pure Mediterranean, half Corsican and half Marseilles, they are husband and wife, and share the desire for a common project.

The project is fueled by its roots, a sweet marriage of Russian elegance and Provençal authenticity. Combining the contemporary with the ancestral, associating nature with the daily life of everyone, the "this" was given, Concept Provence was founded.

In 2015, the couple finally returned to the South of France to certify a local production to which they pay a special attention.

Grace to the quality, freshness and aesthetics of their products, Renata and Jean-Paul Negroni sow a little Provence throughout the world ...

GOOD TO KNOW, that...

The production of Concept Provence is local and engages in a totally exclusive way with ingredients derived from organic farming origin from Provence, France. 

Paraben, silicones, EDTA, BHT, PEG, mineral oils and animal fats are totally prohibited: Concept Provence's products are cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

The perfumes imagined by the couple, they were imagined and elaborated in the French capital of perfumes - Grasse city, guarantee of excellence and ancestral know-how.